Ryan Benn 

Driven, devoted, and bold entrepreneur; avid downhill skier, mountain biker, and cook. Born leader who’s passionate about work and lives life with the volume cranked. Serves on four not-for-profit boards. Abhors the status quo, the word ‘no’, and normalcy.



Surinder Sekhon
Vice President

Master of networking who strives for and ensures partner satisfaction. Relishes customer relations and attributes her work ethic to her father. Tireless tradeshow organizer, supporter of the BC Cancer Agency, keen traveller, owner of 369 dresses.



Julian Coffey 
Director of Partnerships




Rod Binder 
Senior Corporate Account Manager

Cyclist who has conquered the 220-km Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda and who handles sales portfolios with similar determination. Sun-loving hobby chef, handyman, and active community member who embraces change.


Ram Sidhu 
Sales Manager

Former NCAA and professional athlete with a passion for sports and fitness. Well-traveled outdoor-enthusiast committed to health and wellness. Family-oriented, proud new dad motivated to help others achieve both personal and professional success. Eager to meet new people and share life experiences.


Ganesh Singh 
Director of Special Projects

Family-oriented New York native, NFL fan, numbers guy. Shines in business mode; gets things done. Intrigued by the complexity of a golf swing.


Jeff Olsen 
Director, Business Systems

Always seeking meaning in life, develops internal and external connectivity and guides Teldon forward in technology adoption. Sensible Kawasaki 1000 rider, Mustang convertible driver. Eccentric, detail-driven thinker with two beloved shar-peis.



Jane Griffiths 
Director, HR & Administration

Exuberant fashion-forward master of organizational detail who holds down the big and intricate fort. Combats stress with humour, lightens lives with laughter. Thrives on challenges, adores her miniature pinscher.


Monika Vent 
Creative Services Manager

Outdoors-loving Tofino fan who believes fiercely in giving back to the community. A martial-arts maven, creative mover and shaker and protector of the Teldon brand who pores over 30,000 images a year to find artistry and beauty in everyday moments.

#31year Teldonite

Kristee Walker 
Manufacturing Manager

Meticulous record-keeper who scrutinizes details and completes seemingly small tasks with as much energy and attention as big ones. Family-oriented mom and Trinidad & Tobago native who grew up helping her dad plant fruit trees; now volunteers occasionally with The Richmond Sharing Farm. Actively involved in the Carnival Sensations Caribbean Society, a costume-maker with a flair for glue guns and glitter. Proud self-described super nerd with a penchant for the World of Warcraft and indie books.


Shikhar Shah
Customer Care Manager