Teldon – One of the best places to work for in Canada

To our valued partners,

We have some incredibly exciting news to share.

Teldon has been named one of the best places to work in the entire country.

We earned a place as the 15th top company, as well as, top 3 for employee Respect and Camaraderie across Canada, as selected by the Great Place to Work Institute, a global research, consulting, and training firm. The aim of the Institute is to build a social movement that will dramatically improve and enhance the quality of work life for all employees all over the world.

We are so proud to be leading that charge.

Our people are Teldon’s “secret sauce”, that winning and unbeatable component that drives our success. And it’s you, our valued partners, who motivate each and every one of us every single day to happily come to work and do our very best. Our professional, caring, knowledgeable, and sophisticated team members are behind every single project we do, large or small, from start to finish.

As a premium partner, we’re unique, a fully integrated company that handles front-end brand management, demand creation, and fulfilment. Our consultation, creative, and client services are unparalleled in the industry.

As proven by this coveted national award, our team members take pride in their work and in their workplace. They trust and enjoy the people they work with. Our goal is to know, understand, and communicate your brand, helping you be top of mind among existing and potential clients.

As a cohesive, enthusiastic, dedicated team, we believe we continue to be the best partner for you to reach and exceed your marketing needs.

Already this year, Teldon has won six awards through the World Calendar Marketing Association.

It’s not just partners like you who make our staff members want to come to work every day. Here at Teldon, giving back to the community is a shared priority. Through volunteer and other efforts on group and individual levels, we support organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, the Sharing Farm, and Global Women, among many others.

We aren’t afraid to say that work should be fun. Put simply, our culture more closely resembles a locker room than a board room.

We’re proof that a happy workplace is a productive and effective one.

The Great Place to Work Institute recognizes high-trust, highly rewarding workplace cultures that deliver outstanding business performance in more than 50 countries on all six continents.

The top companies in Canada were announced at the Institute’s 2016 national conference in Toronto on April 21.

Teldon could not be more proud to be among Canada’s best workplaces. And we could not be more honoured to work with you.

Thank you for being part of our success.



Ryan Benn

President, Teldon


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